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You Don’t Have to Face Challenges Alone

If you are an active duty or retired public safety official or their immediate family member suffering hardships due to an injury, illness or catastrophic event, we invite you to apply for our assistance.

In addition to financial assistance, Vigilant Watch has a cache of equipment we can loan to people in need. Things such as hospital beds, walkers, wheel chairs, and temporary ramps for access to your home. Vigilant Watch has also constructed permanent ramps for home access.

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Life Coaching Services

Every person experiences problems in life whether they are related to physical health, mental health or external factors. Vigilant Watch will help support you or an immediate family member financially(*) (if needed) to receive life coaching for any of these services and has partnered with the health and wellness experts below to help assist you or an immediate family member experiencing the following:

  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Marital/Relationship Issues
  • Family Stress
  • Grieving/Loss/Illness


All personal information remains confidential
between you and your coach.

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Life Coach

Ronald S. Jacobson

A Life Enrichment Solutions Specialist, helps you as a First Responder to find focus, identify goals, track progress, and stay motivated along the way while keeping you on track.

Talya Gershon

Talya Gershon is a Certified Professional Coach and behavioral health consultant who is passionate about helping clients unlock their true potential. Clients maximize their functioning as they learn to overcome obstacles and capitalize on their strengths.

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