Joe Long


Joe Long started his career in 1976 as a junior squad member of the Davis Corner Volunteer Fire Department. He then served two years as a Crash Fire/Rescue Specialist at the Norfolk International Airport before starting his career with the Virginia Beach Fire Department in 1980, where he is retired from the Fire Marshal’s Office as an Assistant Fire Marshal. Joe’s experiences as a First Responder aided in the realization and forming of this vital service for all of our First Responders, and has taken on the role of President for Vigilant Watch, Inc.

Kim Sandlin


Kim Sandlin had been involved for the 14 years in every aspect of her husband Wayne’s career from 1996 through his retirement in 2009. She stood firm and strong through his fight with cancer, recovery and in her loyalty to the members of the Virginia Beach Fire Department and their families. Her dogged determination as Treasurer of Vigilant Watch, Inc. and the countless hours given in the service of our first responders has been a vital first step in the founding of this organization.

Wayne Sandlin

Vice President of Expanding Operations

Wayne Sandlin is a Retired Firefighter after 36 years. He spent his career in the engine and ladder companies, first with the Cheriton Volunteer Fire Department until 1979, then with the Virginia Beach Fire Department where he retired in 2009. In 2006, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer, he realized the importance of having an organization like Vigilant Watch, Inc. Wayne’s personal experiences helped him organize and co-found this vital service for our first responders and fill his role as Vice President, President, Vice President of Expanding Operations and now Advisory Board.

Carol Barber

Executive Board & Secretary

In 2008, Carol Barber saw first hand the true meaning of Fire Department Brotherhood when her husband, a 30 year Virginia Beach Firefighter, Carl “Alan” Barber was diagnosed with lung cancer. As the Vigilant Watch, Inc. non-profit organization began to form, she knew she wanted to be a part of it. A few months after Alan’s passing in November 2008, Carol was asked to become part of the Executive Board and Secretary for Vigilant Watch, Inc. Without hesitation, she chose to accept the position knowing this organization will help make a difference in other First Responder’s lives.