About Vigilant Watch, Inc.

Helping Those Who Serve Our Communities

When two local Firefighters, Bill “Duke” Lee and Carl “Alan” Barber, battled cancer in early 2008, their colleagues created a hockey game benefit to raise money. With the support of the Virginia Beach Fire Department, our community, the dedication of our volunteers and the help of our Union, Local 2924, the benefit was a huge success. We built a badly needed ramp on Bill’s home, helped send him to Duke University for cancer treatment, and in the end helped raise funds for the men and their families.

Two months later, Virginia Beach Master Firefighters Joseph P. Long and Wayne H. Sandlin founded Vigilant Watch. Vigilant Watch, Inc. works to provide support to our regional public safety officials, active duty or retired, and their immediate families, who have suffered a hardship based on injury, illness or catastrophic event, which has created a financial or physical hardship.

We are very proud that Vigilant Watch, Inc. has been able to provide significant monetary donations and volunteer assistance to families during their time of need. The Vigilant Watch, Inc. Executive Board and Board of Directors includes Wayne Sandlin, Joe Long, Bob Anderson, Carol Barber, the widow of the late Carl “Alan” Barber, Kim Sandlin.  Board Members include Ray Smith, Krystal Jacobs and Jeff Floyd.

Our organization of volunteers relies solely on donations of time, goods, services and money from the community. Your generosity is what keeps us alive and able to help those who risk their lives daily to protect you. If you would like to volunteer or donate we would love to hear from you.

About Our Logo
The Vigilant Watch, Inc. Creed – The American Eagle represents the strength and resolve of our cause: Vigilantly watching over the members of our ever growing family. The tear drop represents the family members we have lost.  The background, our National colors, represents the ideals we value so dearly and the common bond that joins us together.